Killgerm Chemicals Ltd

This company gives excellent service and is my main supplier also has reference pages

Network Pest Control Systems Ltd

For anything you need for birdwork....these are the experts

British Pest Control Association

Goes without saying really and will also put you in touch with your nearest registered company


Quite a good reference site

Pest Control Portal

Puts you in touch with service in your area and also some reference

Federation of Small Businesses

I am a member so why not include it here...? they do good work

Sorex Chemicals

They make various pesticides and products

National Pest Technicians Association

It's like a union for pest controllers

Russell IPM

They are suppliers of various pesticides and also quite a lot of pheromones

The University of Birmingham UK

They use some of my site for student projects



Gloucestershire pest control and Game-keeping


An explosive answer to the problem of moles
BPCA does not authorise this treatment
but in my opinion according to the video it certainly
seems to do the job

ABC Pest Control - London

A professional company established in 1987

Pest Control Long Beach

Find one of the best termite and pest control treatments, and services in
Orange County , Long Beach, LA Habra. Our Kilter Total Termite Treatment
Program assures you of the most thorough inspection,
and high quality treatment available in the industry


An established control company for 10 years and is also a beekeeper for 40 years

Bed Bugs Balimore MD

Atlantic Pest Control Inc' provides professional pest control in the Greater Timonium & Baltimore MD area.

Guardian Pest Control

Pest control in Somerset & Devon....Good Old Scrumpy Country


Bee Removal with free quotes. Covers San Diego, Orange and
Riverside Counties



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