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Schedule 2:

Birds which may be killed or taken outside the close season, 1st February to 31st August except where indicated otherwise.

Part I

NOTE: The close season for ducks and geese when below high water mark is 21 February to 31 August.

(close season 1 Feb-30 Sep)
Coot Pintail
Duck, Tufted Plover, Golden
Gadwall Pochard
Goldeneye Shoveler
Goose, Canada Snipe, Common
(close season 1 Feb-11 Aug)
Goose, Greylag Teal
Goose, Pink-footed Wigeon
Goose, White-fronted
(fully protected in Scotland)
(close season 1 Feb-30 Sep, except in Scotland where 1 Feb-31 Aug).

Part II

TAKE NOTE: A licence must be obtained from DEFRA before shooting or disturbing a species of bird; this includes PEST SPECIES
This section has been replaced by General Licences with the same effect:
Crow, Carrion Magpie
Dove, Collared Pigeon, Feral
Gull, Great Black-Backed Rook
Gull, Herring Sparrow, House
Gull, Lesser Black-Backed Starling
Jackdaw Wood Pigeon


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