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Schedule 3:

Birds which may be sold alive at all times if ringed and bred in captivity.

Part I:

Blackbird Linnet
Brambling Magpie
Bullfinch Owl, Barn
Bunting, Reed Redpoll
Chaffinch Siskin
Dunnock Starling
Goldfinch Thrush, Song
Greenfinch Twite
Jackdaw Yellowhammer

NB: Certain birds on Schedule 4 may also be sold under licence provided they are registered with the DETR; for details see Legal status checklist (Appendix B).

Part II:

Birds which may be sold dead at all times.


Part III:

Birds which may be sold dead from 1 September to 28 February.

Capercaillie Pochard
Coot Shoveler
Duck, Tufted Snipe, Common
Mallard Teal
Pintail Wigeon
Plover, Golden Woodcock

NB: It is illegal to offer for sale at any time of the year any wild goose, moorhen, gadwall or goldeneye, although they are legitimate quarry species outside the close season.

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