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Schedule 4:

Birds which must be registered and ringed if kept in captivity:

Bunting, Cirl Honey-Buzzard, Black
Bunting, Lapland Kestrel, Lesser
Bunting, Snow Kestrel, Mauritius
Buzzard, Honey Kite, Red
Eagle, Adalbert's Merlin
Eagle, Golden Oriole, Golden
Eagle, Great Phillipine Osprey
Eagle, Imperial Redstart, Black
Eagle, New Guinea Redwing
Eagle, White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Pallas'
Chough Sea-Eagle, Steller's
Crossbills (all species) Serin
Falcon, Barbary Serpent-Eagle, Andaman
Falcon, Gyr Serpent-Eagle, Madagascar
Falcon, Peregrine Serpent-Eagle, Mountain
Fieldfare Shorelark
Firecrest Shrike, Red-backed
Fish-Eagle, Madagascar Sparrowhawk, New Britain
Forest-Falcon, Plumbeous Sparrowhawk, Gundlach's
Goshawk Sparrowhawk, Imitator
Harrier, Hen Sparrowhawk, Small
Harrier, Marsh Tit, Bearded
Harrier, Montagu's Tit, Crested
Hawk, Galapagos Warbler, Cetti's
Hawk, Grey-backed Warbler, Dartford
Hawk, Hawaiian Warbler, Marsh
Hawk, Ridgway's Warbler, Svi's
Hawk, White-necked Woodlark
Hawk-Eagle, Wallace's Wryneck

Any bird, one of whose parents or other lineal ancestor was a bird of a kind specified in the above list.

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