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Schedule 9:

Animals and plants to which Section 14 applies (ie. may not be released into or grown in the wild)

Part I : birds and other animals


Bass, Large-mouthed Black Mink, American
Bass, Rock Newt, Alpine
Bitterling Newt, Italian Crested
Budgerigar Owl, Barn
Capercaillie Parakeet, Ring-necked
Coypu Partridge, Chukar
Crayfish, Noble Partridge, Rock
Crayfish, Signal Pheasant, Golden
Crayfish, Turkish Pheasant, Lady Amherst's
Deer, Sika Pheasant, Reeves'
Deer, Muntjac
Dormouse, Fat Pheasant, Silver
Duck, Carolina Wood Porcupine, Crested
Duck, Mandarin Porcupine, Himalayan
Duck, Ruddy Pumpkinseed (otherwise known as Sun-fish or Pond-perch)
Eagle, White-tailed Quail, Bobwhite
Flatworm, New Zealand Rat, Black
Frog, Edible Snake, Aescupapian
Frog, European Tree (otherwise known as Common Tree Frog) Squirrel, Grey
Frog, Marsh Terrapin, European Pond
Gerbil, Mongolian Toad, African Clawed
Goose, Canada Toad, Midwife
Goose, Egyptian Wallaby, Red-necked
Heron, Night Wels
(otherwise known as European catfish)
Lizard, Common Wall Zander
Marmot, Prairie (otherwise known as Prairie dog)

Part II : plants

Hogweed, Giant Seaweed, Californian Red
Kelp, Giant Seaweed, Hooked Asparagus
Kelp, Japanese Seaweed, Japanese
Knotweed, Japanese Seaweeds, Laver (except native species)
Seafingers, Green Wakame

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